Post Graduate Diploma (Short Studies and Certificates)

POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN SECURITY AND RESILIENCY MANAGEMENT (160 hours | Hybrid Learning Approach) Special Certificate in Integrated Security Systems - This is a specialized training program that deals security policy and planning with understanding of the dynamics of physical security, personnel security, document and information security, and their integration for military, law enforcement and corporate practices.Special Certificate in Security Risk Assessment- This is a specialized training program on threat assessment, vulnerability assessment, risk assessment, organizational profiling, process mapping, SWOT analysis, gap analysis, root cause analysis, ISO 31000 Risk Management, Security Audit, ISO 27000 and 28000 Familiarization.Special Certificate in Business Continuity, Crisis and Resiliency Management - This is a specialized training program on disaster risk reduction and management, ISO 22301 - business continuity management, emergency response management, business continuity and good corporate governance, crisis management, and business continuity audit.Special Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health Management - This is a specialized training program on OSH Legislation, OSH Standards, Fire Safety, Electrical Safety, Accident Investigation, Principles of Loss Control, Principles of Construction Safety, Personal Protective Equipment, OSH Audit, and ISO 14000 Familiarization. Special Certificate in Protective Security Management - This is a specialized training program on high level threat and vulnerability assessment, security surveys, operational security, security planning, transmission and information classifications, threat mitigation techniques involving executives and foreign diplomats.

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In law enforcement, criminal justice, forensic science, security management, and all allied social studies.